Hello everyone and welcome to  My full name is Yoh Enn Thao but most people just call me Yoh since it's much easier to pronounce.  I am currently a Freelancing 3D Animator and Artist.  It's a hectic career and yet I greatly enjoy it. Even with a couple of hardships along the way we all keep moving on.  In time I guess, life itself is a "work in progress."

Other than that I enjoy 3D animation, automobiles, drawing, painting, fixing automobiles, wheel throwing ceramics, watching movies, driving automobiles, movies, mountain biking, soccer, anything with computers and plenty of video games with the occasional exercise routine to keep that animation gut in check.  So look around and have some fun. Feel free to drop a message with any concerns, criticism, or feedback.
All images and works are properties of Yoh Enn Thao and YohDawg.Com. Any sort of unauthorized reproduction or copying will result in him breaking your legs, then your arms and then your spleen.